If you are bored of the summer heat or the overflow life rhythm, you will certainly find here the peace. The pure air and the eternal beauty of Tusheti will make you forget your problems. You will dip into the wonderful world which is called Tusheti and Tusheti life.  

“Shina” is the guesthouse built of stones of the traditional type. Our guests will find here the traditional life of Tusheti and the comfort. The house has a large railing balcony from with impressive views.  At the ground floor there are slated and wooded dining room and a rest room, decorated with the home-produced handicraft pieces. There is a traditional insular fireplace here which the Tush people call “shuatsetskhli”.

In the rest room there are shown off the home-produced handicraft pieces which you can purchase.

There are 8 well equipped guest rooms with the individual lavatory considered for 18 guests here. The guest rooms are light, comfortable and equipped to the last modern requests.

Your stay in Tusheti will be unforgettable. At the Guesthouse “Shina” you will have a chance to test the wonderful courses which are made only here in Tusheti from the ecologically clean products.

In 2010 the association “Elkana” and the administration of the protected territories of Tusheti implemented the categorization of the family hotels. As a result the guesthouse “Shina” was awarded one “sun” which is the highest evaluation among the hotels of Tusheti.

Sunny mood is waiting for you at the guesthouse “Shina”. It will abide with you and give you comfort for long.