Mountainous, overlooked by the mountain ridges and peaks, Tusheti is characterized by the great number of canyons. The outlet water flows in two main rivers of Tusheti: Pirikiti Alazani and Tush Alazani (Gometsri). Both Alazani join near the village Shenakro, divides at the border of Georgia, flow in Daghestan and under the name of the Andis Koisu flow into the Caspian Sea. The rivers of Tusheti partly froze over in winter. There are a great many small lakes of different origin. Also you can find here many medicinal mineral waters.

Tusheti is characterized by flora diversity, abundant precinctive and old relict species. Total area of Tusheti forests amounts 32000 hectares. It is presented by the conifers (pines), which make the landscape inimitable. It is also used as an effective remedy. You can also meet a birch here (Litvinov birch and Raden Birch), at a height of 2300 meters grows acutifoliate bushes.

The fauna of Tusheti is notable for its specific diversity. The foothills and impenetrable rocks of Tusheti are the home of Caucasian goats. Here you can also see a chamois, deer, bear, lynx.  The most notable is the saiga, which can rarely be founding the fauna of our land. Tusheti is the last refuge for the saiga. Saiga can also be seen even near the hotel.

Besides the biological diversity of wild fauna, Tusheti is reach in domestic animals. The region is considered the home of three precinctive species: strong legs Tush horse (our guests will have a chance to ride it by request), faithful adjutant of the herdsmen – Caucasian shepherds and Tush sheep.

That's not the half of it… Tusheti is interesting for its multiformity.