The most beautiful nook of Georgia – Tusheti – is located in northeastern Georgia, on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.  Its area makes up of 896 square kilometers at a height of 1650-4493 above-sea level. The villages are located at the height from 1900 till 2400 meters above-sea level. In the east Tusheti borders Daghestan, in the north there is Chechnya, in the west there is Khevsureti and in the south is situated Kakheti.

Tusheti is devided into four main Sociaties: Pirikita, Gometsri, Tsova and Chagma. The administrative centre of Tusheti – Omalo – concernes to the Chagmi Sociaty. The highway leading to Tusheti starts in Kakheti, in the village Pshaveli and passing the highest pass in Georgia, Mountain Ridge Abano (2926 m) goes down to Omalo. Mountain Ridge Abano functionates a fews months a year. By the time the range is always cleared away of landslips and crags.

The climate of Tusheti is continental, the atmospheric temperature rises till + 14-15 C.

You can reach Tusheti only by the two bridge vehicles of the off-road capability.

The weather in Tusheti is usually calm, light breeze is blowing.